How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally – Safe Natural Alternative to Statin Drugs

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally – Safe Natural Alternative to Statin Drugs

Many people who learn they have high cholesterol choose to take statin drugs (medication that reduces cholesterol) instead of working naturally to bring down high blood cholesterol levels. Statin drugs have the effect of lowering cholesterol by reducing the effect of the enzymes that produce cholesterol in the liver.

Changing the chemicals in your body can have dangerous side effects. Besides the usual sort of side effects including nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and the like, you can also suffer from rare muscle conditions that end in kidney failure and death. In addition, since you’re changing the chemicals in you’re body, you will have to continue to do this for the rest of your life.

Luckily their are natural solutions to lowering cholesterol naturally.

How to lower cholesterol naturally:

1. Eat Plenty of Fiber

There are two types of fiber; soluble and insoluble fibers. The soluble type is the kind of fiber that lowers cholesterol. Insoluble fiber is really only good for a regular bowel movement. So what kind of foods contain the respective types of fiber? Well, if you want to lower cholesterol eat plenty of lentels, beans, bran, citrus fruits, and oatmeal.

The misconception is that you can get enough fiber from cereals like cheerios and fiber one, but do you really know what type of fiber they have inside? Do you know how many grams they have. You usually need about 50 grams of fiber to successfully reduce cholesterol naturally. This can be done easily with maybe 4 servings of the foods I gave as examples.

2. Exercise

If you have not gone for a run, bike, or jog in a long time, I recommend you start going for walks every single day. Take 30 minutes out of each day to begin a walking regimine.The simple task of walking should be your stepping stone to a good jogging routine.

Unfortunately, exercise is not easy, especially if you have not exercised in a long time. At first, you will feel tired and you might want to quit, but after a few weeks of this, you should be able to overcome the obstacle and keep on track with regular exercise. If there is anything that will help reduce cholesterol naturally, it’s exercise.

I recommend starting a walk routine first because walking is easy. You can leisurely watch the sun set or view the local neighborhood scenery while you stroll around. This leaves a 30 minute window of your day wide open for any type of exercise once you’ve turned it into a routine. This usually takes about a week straight to transform into a regular activity.

3. Take a Natural Cholesterol Supplement

Taking statin drugs and cause side effects, cholesterol supplements are like multivitamins except they are designed for people with high cholesterol. They contain the same vitamins and minerals you would want in a multivitamin except they have change the ingredients to include more cholesterol lowering power to each tablet.

Clinically tested cholesterol supplements are able to reduce your blood cholesterol levels by including ingredients like resverotal, a substance found in plants that helps to naturally reduce cholesterol produced int he liver. In addition, you will find niacin, a vitamin that helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

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Dr. Dion Presents: How to Defeat High Cholesterol Without Drugs or Surgery

Dr. Dion Presents: How to Defeat High Cholesterol Without Drugs or Surgery
It is estimated that over 75% of the American adult population is considered to be overweight and another 35% of the population is considered clinically obese and that number has been steadily growing each year.
It is also estimated that over 75% of the adult population has been diagnosed with one or two chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and various forms of cancer.
One terrific way to control high cholesterol is to start a healthy nutritious diet which includes lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds whole grains and adequate amounts of water. These can help to greatly reduce LDL cholesterol also known as bad cholesterol.
Load up daily on plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, and unrefined grains which all contain dietary fiber. You should be eating foods such as barley, apples, beans, and citrus fruits. Organic soybeans or soy protein will help to prevent coronary heart disease by lowering your cholesterol significantly.
Another great way to reduce cholesterol is by including food with omega-3 fatty acids so include at least two servings of fatty fish in your diet weekly such as herring, tuna, mackerel, wild salmon and sardines.
It is also extremely important to reduce your intake of all meats and dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter and ice cream. These are all considered animal proteins and are extremely high in fat and cholesterol. You can literally only get bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol and unhealthy fat from animal products and proteins.
To help you on your way to lowering your cholesterol Dr. Dion will teach you how to stay on a healthy diet, lose your excess weight, and keep your cholesterol lowered. You will learn about honest weight loss goals which are easy to achieve and easy to keep. You will begin to look and feel so much healthier.
Committing and dedicating yourself to consuming a nutritious diet and making smarter food choices will help you to lower and control your cholesterol. You will learn how to lose weight and keep it off for good without dangerous drugs or risky surgeries.
You also learn about certain safe and effective health and fitness principles which can help you regain control over your mind and your body.
Starting a new smarter and healthier lifestyle will also bring you to a totally different way of thinking. All you have to do is to open up your mind and follow Dr. Dion’s Essential Elements of Health and Fitness.
Keep in mind that high cholesterol is a major contributor to many chronic diseases especially of the heart such as clogging your arteries and high blood pressure. You want to cleanse your body of all of the toxins as soon as possible in order to reduce your risk of chronic illness.
If you follow the recommended instructions step by step, slowly and surely you will begin to transform your body, life and create a new one improved you. You will not only look great but also feel terrific. There is no time better the present to make great change in your life and commit yourself to becoming healthier and fit.
Dr. Dion Presents:Health and Fitness series was created to provide invaluable content and information that covers important current health and fitness topics that greatly impact our nation, communities and daily lives.

Dr. Dion Presents: Health and Fitness series was created to provide invaluable content and information that covers important current health and fitness topics that greatly impact our nation, communities and daily lives. The primary objective is to educate and empower individuals to take control of their lives mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.